Thursday, February 10, 2011

East or West, South is the best!

GooGle - 'Mallu'

In my search for a topic for my next blog post I tried googling the 0h- so- holy- word… ‘Mallu’ and all these various results of ‘Malayali’ blogs with writers dissing Mallus, ‘Malayali friendship’ sites and ‘Mallu matrimonial’ sites and even sites with Mallu blue films popped up.

This blog talked about all the beautiful mallu traits we have like our excessive obsession with gold, loving coconuts, being commi’s and thinking that we are the only saviours of the downtrodden – oh wait I wrote about something like that. I guess us Mallu’s can’t stop talking about ourselves.

Coming back to the friendship sites... like who would deliberately go type ‘Malayali friend’ into the Google search-bar. (Lol) We are everywhere. Why the hell would we have to search for a Mallu friend?

Mallu Matrimonial sites- hmmmm . This was only created because our parents’ obsession with people from our community. I have no idea what sadistic pleasure Mallu folks get from getting their kids married to another Mallu. [Note: My generation didn’t just randomly begin dissing our kind, this was courtesy Mallu’s from gen-u, v, w (I am suppose to be from the gen –x.)]

There were even sites with pictures of ‘mallu sex-bombs’. What the hell is that? My advice to any Bollywood actresses who want let go or are overweight. You have a bright future in the south (I rest my case.)

There are real websites dedicated to Mallu jokes. Like really. We have 28 states. How many times do you get to see Assami or Kashmiri jokes or even jokes on people from some other south Indian state like Tamil-nadu may be? [Inference – we are very phunny peoples.]

It is funny how when instead of the word ‘Keralite’ I typed in the werd ‘Mallu’ and I got all these really weird sites that popped up. Not one site that talked about the beautiful places or the awesome food or the rich heritage and culture.

I guess we just Phunnier this way huh.